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About Us


We work hard in our normal jobs, but we also try to spend as much time as possible outside, walking, scrambling, climbing, kayaking, camping, swimming and immersing ourselves in all of the beauty that the Gower has to offer. We love coming back to a cosy home with a warm ambiance and aromas that make us feel amazing.

Leeanne is a born and bread Mumbles girl! Warren, originally a London boy was imported into the Gower after spending twenty five years abroad. We had both led varied lives, filled with large amounts of many good and some bad emotions. We had both always searched for ‘The One’ but had arrived at the point where we had kind of accepted it wasn’t going to happen in this lifetime.

Then just as the first lockdown started, we met. We fell in love and have had the most amazing love story.

About Warren and Leeanne who are Gorgeous Gower Candles

The first year was the most magical of our lives, discovering our constantly growing love and everything seemed perfect. Then just before our one year anniversary, Warren discovered a lump in his neck and was diagnosed with cancer and had aggressive chemo and radiotherapy followed by a rough recovery. Now, in our third year, with our full-time jobs and many changes all around, inspired by our enthusiasm for life, our love of nature and the seasons that are so evident on the Gower Peninsula, we decided to create our own candles.

We use eco-friendly soy wax that is natural and better for you, your home or work and the environment. Along with carefully selected wicks, fragrances and packaging we make our candles as kind to the planet as we do for your comfort.

About Warren and Leeanne who make Gorgeous Gower Candles

We have chosen the scents based on what we love about the nature and the atmosphere that we create in our home.
We have spent a great deal of time researching and making sure that we knew all of the options so that we could choose the very best ingredients.

Each candle is literally home-made in small batches, hand-poured and hand packaged. This very hands-on process ensures that each candle is made with careful attention, love for what we do and the pleasure that we want it to bring you.

Gorgeous Gower Candles are made by Warren and Leeanne

Neither one of us have experienced a love like we share. We dance in the kitchen, we laugh a lot, we deal with life problems, fears and worries, but in everything we do, we love life and all of the beauty it offers us every day. As much as beautiful candles make up a part of our lives, we want to share that with you and hope that you enjoy these candles as much as we do.

To see some beautiful images of the magical Gower, please follow us on Instagram: @GorgeousGower and if visiting this stunning part of the world, check out our recommendations here:

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