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Pure essential oil vegan candles that use only top quality essential oils


Only Pure Essential Oils 


We all super careful and strict on our policies for every ingredient and component of what we use to make our candles and melts, and in our normal range of candles we may use a combination of essential oils and essential oil infused fragrance oils, but our goal was always to have a Pure Essential Oils Only Collection - that we call, ENLIGHTENMENT.


There is a lot of mis-information and clever marketing about essential oils and you can read more about this here and the truth is, there is a real art to making essential oil only candles, and very few actually do... even some of the more famous expensive brands that are 'clever' with their misleading marketing.

Our ENLIGHTENMENT collection uses only the very best quality, ethically and sustainably sourced essential oils that are safe to use in candles (not all of them are!). 

Leeanne has carefully chosen (and done LOTS of research and experimenting) to put together a beautiful collection of scents that are refreshing, invigorating and atmospheric. As these are much more expensive to produce, we have launched with votives for you to test and larger candles when you want to fill your entire home. 

So, if you would like a true, (no BS) essential oil only candle that is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly candle, why not try one of ours and experience the difference, knowing that you are helping a small home-based business who genuinely cares about doing things the right way. 

Thank you.

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