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Our Fragrance Oil Scents


Scents can be very powerful.

Scents can evoke memories, allow you to relax within a moment, or stimulate dreams.

In addition to carefully choosing our ingredients, we have paid great attention to our choice of scents.

Although we have a couple of timeless classics, we have deliberately steered away from many of the popular cliché scents and instead we have created a selection of deep, rich, luxurious aromas that have a WOW factor!

A candle shouldn't just smell nice... it should give a room character, reflect the style of the decor and the mood of the people. 

Some scents have been chosen for a purpose, like Gingerbread to quickly fill a kitchen with a sweet 'just baked cookies' aroma to dispel any cooking smells, or Jasmine as a way to fill a bathroom quickly with a strong fresh scent. Others are more delicate and require a longer burn to generate a larger melt pool and allow the high notes, mid and low tones to work their magic. 

Soy wax is much healthier than paraffin wax, and our choice of healthier essential and fragrance oils do not pump out the strong over-powering chemical-like smells of cheaper candles made with more commercially-minded ingredients, so please do burn them correctly and allow full melt pools to develop. For more information on correct candle and wax melt use, please read the information on candle care and melt safety

Below, you can read what scents are in each of our candles so you can choose the mood that suits you. 

Fireside vegan candle with ylang ylangg, fleurd'oranger, honey and amber by gorgeous gower candles
Sea, sand and driftwaood vegan candle with eucalyptus, velvet plums and virginia cedarwood with tonka, cinnamon plus vanilla, sandlewood and amber
bookshop vegan candle with woody notes, freesia, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, patchouli, amber, cashmere and tobaco by gorgeous gower candles
Palo Santo (holy wood) vegan soy candle by gorgeous gower candles
vanilla_bean_orchid vegan candle amber, vanilla, lime, almond blossom, freesia, pink jasmine, heliotrope, sandlewood, coconut and musk
Honeysuckle vegan candle by gorgeous gower candles
Rosemary and bay vegan candle by gorgeous gower candles
jasmine vegan candle with ylang ylang, fleur d' oranger, musky, balsamic, honey and amber by gorgeous gower candles
Pomegranate vegan candle with red apple, lime, pomegranate, cherry, strawberry, peach, lavender, jasmine, raspberry, coconut, caramel, vanilla and musk by gorgeous gower candles
Apple strudel vegan candle apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cloves, vanilla bean, amber and caramalised sugar by gorgeous gower cruelty free candles
Gingerbread vegan candle with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and vanilla a great kitchen candle by gorgeous gower
Woodland Fire Candle vegan candle by gorgeous gower candles with teakwood, perfect for cosy autumn and winter evenings
beach_breeze vegan candle with bergamot, orange, amber, coconut, vanilla and almond by gorgeous gower candles
Coconut vegan soy candles by gorgeous gower candles
Candy hearts wax melts by gorgeous gower candles
Lifes a beach wax melts from gorgeous gower candles


Is a sweet, spicy and rich fragrance oil with top notes of freesia, grated ginger and bergamot, mid notes of incense, tonka bean and white flowers, finishing with base notes of sweet patchouli flowers, cashmere woods and tobacco flower. A scent which is perfect for cosy evenings by the fire. 

Sea, Sand & Driftwood

This is a perfect balance of sun-bleached wood notes, sea grass and soft white sand. Top notes of eucalyptus leaves, velvet plums and Virginian cedar followed by mid notes of tonka, cinnamon and embers, rounded off with base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and golden amber. Works best in a smaller cosy room. 

The Book Shop

This is a really interesting fragrance, quite complex yet subtle and moody. It's fresh with musky/woody notes having top notes of freesia grated ginger, mid notes of incense, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and honey, finishing with base notes of white patchouli, light amber, cashmere woods and tobacco leaf.  

Palo Santo

This is a lovely fresh woody fragrance with a touch of vanilla but the woody notes are the star of the show. Our fragrance oil which does contain some natural oils has top notes of mandarin, lime, fresh incense accord and pine needle followed by mid notes of orris root and crushed pine needles, finishing with base notes of Palo Santo, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, vanilla, amber and musk.

Vanilla Bean Orchid

Is a soft, floral oriental (ambery) fragrance. It’s not a flat fragrance of just vanilla notes but instead uses the predominant vanilla (without being sweet or spiced) releasing top notes of lime, almond blossoms and freesia. Mid notes of vanilla bean orchid also have pink jasmine and heliotrope, rounded off with base notes of sandalwood, coconut, amber, vanilla and musk.


Super summery with top notes of white currant, peach, carnation and orange blossom, mid notes of honeysuckle, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine and rose and lilac rounded off with base notes of sandalwood and musk.

A wonderful feel-good smell that makes every room feel fresh and energised.

Rosemary and bay

We made this as part of our herbal / botanical range.

It has top notes of gala apple, Mediterranean lemon, Tuscan rosemary and bay leaves. Mid notes of lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley and carnation resting on base notes of fir needle, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla and musk.


This is rich with fresh leafy top notes and intense, warm ylang ylang harmonised with fleur d’oranger. The dryer undertones are spicy, musky and balsamic, with hints of honey and amber. This is a strong flowery scent perfect for filling up a bathroom quickly. 


This is a deliciously refreshing fruity fragrance with top notes of red apple, lime and red silk pomegranate, cherry, strawberry and peach, mid notes of French lavender and grape-jasmine finishing with base notes of raspberry, creamy coconut, caramel, vanilla and musk.

Apple Strudel

This is a warming autumnal and winter scent full of fruit and spices and a hint of cinnamon. Top notes of baked apple, mid notes of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and clove backed up with base notes of vanilla bean, amber, musk and caramelized sugar. 


This has spicy uplifting top notes of citrus nuances leading to a warm heart of cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg on a rich base of vanilla cake. Contains Cinnamon essential oil. A strong lovely sweet biscuity scent which is ideal in the kitchen to hide cooking smells.

Woodland Campfire

This is one of our own hand-blended creations to create a unique fragrance with a beautiful subtle scent reminiscent of campfires and bonfires with a hint of teakwood. Perfect for cosy Autumn and Winter evenings. 

Beach Breeze (wax melts only)

A lovely fresh scent that offers notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber complimented with warming tones of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. Only available as a wax melt.


A lovely fresh scent of exotic coconut that is fresh and invigorating. Top notes of bergamot and mandarin, mid notes of neroli and jasmine and base notes of white musk, amber, cedar and sandalwood.

Candy Hearts (was melts only)

A lovely fresh scent that as the name suggests is sweet and cheery, it's like your favourite car freshener for the home!

Life's a Beach (wax melts only)

A refreshing scent that is bright, breezy, full of fun and laughter. A simple happy smell to freshen up a room. 

If you have any ideas or wishes for particular scents, customised gifts (like weddings), please contact us and we may be able to make custom orders.

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