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Our Story

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The story of us...

On the 'about us' page is a brief summary of who we are and how we met and the love between us .. but it doesn't even scratch the surface of the depth of feeling , the absolute trust and entirely consuming thoughts and passion we have for each other and also the utter gratitude we feel each and every day . It's a love so pure and honest and complete that it makes me laugh with joy . It literally bubbles from me .

You might think we got lucky , that it was happenstance but I think it was so much more than that ... and I'll tell you why - bit by bit .

It all starts a long time ago .. when I was a child and an avid reader . My morals and desires were most definitely shaped in between the pages of Enid Blyton , CS Lewis , E Nesbit , Hans Christian Andersen , Aesop's fables and Tolkien . Not to mention the original King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table . I had a strong moral compass and wanted a warrior knight to sweep me away, be chivalrous in his attitude and capable of anything ! I was a Scorpio and wanted my equal . That proved a tough ask over the years and I didn't get anything like that .

'Trying to do the right thing' became my mantra . The right thing for everyone but me !

Fast forward ... to 2018 ... to be continued ..

This was a poem I wrote after we had been together a couple of months :

Wandering through youth, waiting for years

Making choices in faraway places

Wondering if fate had forgotten us

Or was it all just a cliche

You sat at a cafe and thought about me

I lay on the beach and dreamed of you

Time passed , the yearning lessened

Hope was cast aside

Maybe nothing was destined

And then it happened

When least expected

Lightning strikes

In a time unprecedented

He found the one , the one he wrote of

She found her warrior , he was complete

They talked with passion and laughed for hours

Familiarity making hearts skip beats

Lost souls have found their way

to places they were meant to stay

Dark thoughts can fade away

You’re not alone . I’m here to stay

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