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Truly ONLY Pure Essential Oils

Many companies claim that they make 'essential oil candles' but they also use a LOT of BS marketing!

Many companies use 'clever' marketing to fool consumers. To give an example from the food industry (which is also regulated by the FDA) you should be aware of “Up To” Blend Percentage Statements. Using olive oil as an example, some brands list an “Up to” statement hidden in their ingredient listing. For example, a 90/10 Blend may have the title “90/10 Olive Oil Blend”, but written into the Ingredient Listing is the following: “Canola Oil, with Up To 10% Olive Oil”.

What this “Up To 10%” statement means, is that you may be getting a blend with 10% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or it may be 5% or it may be 1% — and it’s much more likely to be the smaller amount. Why? Because it allows the brand to lower the cost for you and increase the profits for themselves. The actual blend to you is unknown, even though, based on the title of the product, you (and other customers) think that you are buying a an olive oil with 90/10 blend with 90% being the Extra Virgin Olive Oil - WRONG!

What is actually inside could be a 99/1 blend, with only 1% of what you thought you were buying. This false marketing allows them to price the product lower than their competition and win your business. Sadly, despite the 'con' they often won’t fully lower the price to what would really be an equivalent of a 1/99 blend, instead, they just increase their profits. Unfortunately, this happens in many markets, including candles.

We have checked MANY of the top luxury candle brands that claim to be 'essential oil candles.' They don't make it easy, but if you push (and PUSH) to get their safety certificates and delve into how they make them, it may be true that they do use essential oils (not always ethically or sustainably sourced despite the high price tags!)... but not only! As with the example above, they can create a batch of candles using fragrance oils and add a tiny (really tiny!) percentage of essential oil and still market it as an Essential Oil Candle. Why... to charge more for those wanting high-end products without actually having the extra costs. It's robbery! In our ENLIGHTENMENT range of pure essential oil candles, all of the fragrance comes from 100% pure essential oils, nothing else! Whether they are a single oil, a blend of two or three, or with our special creations, up to seven different essential oils carefully blended to create that special rich aroma.

Like our normal range of candles (that use the very best quality fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils), all of our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Essential oils are complex things (read more HERE) and you need to be careful what to buy and how to use them. Our candles are not created to just smell nice, but to create mind and body benefits for you and your home.

So be aware, are you buying a candle that is made with essential oils as well as other scents, or ONLY PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. For 100% only pure oils, shop our ENLIGHTENMENT range.

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